Event Ground Transportation: Cvent and miMeetings Team Together

August 20, 2019

By Julie Haddix

Ground transportation accounts for just five percent of a meeting planner’s budget, but it represents 30 percent of the aggravation they experience in planning and managing an event. Event ground pain points include time spent sourcing ground transportation providers, managing numerous changes, staying current on flight manifests, and navigating complex invoicing processes.

To address these challenges, Cvent has partnered with miMeetings, a leading enterprise provider of ground transportation solutions for meetings and events. miMeetings combines patented technology, professional services support and spend management to help meeting planners and their companies integrate ground transportation into their meetings management programs. Planners gain greater visibility, control and improved processes in the ground category to save time and money.

miMeetings offers the following features to make life easier for event planners:

Event Ground Transportation Sourcing

miMeetings helps planners source ground transportation for multiple providers for their various meetings and events. This entails identifying and assessing bids from multiple transportation vendors, negotiating and securing event-specific pricing, and delivering services that are consistent with corporate best practices.

Manifest Management

Planners spend excessive amounts of time managing flight manifests, arranging transportation for executives and VIPs, and managing transportation needs for the entire group. Couple that with changing flights, evolving needs, and finding errors, and its no wonder planner dislike this task. miMeetings’ 360-degree patented platform plans, analyzes, designs, forecasts, and modifies manifests for all-sized groups and events

Simpler Invoicing

Ground invoices pose a serious challenge for planners as they can be difficult, time consuming and challenging to turn around in a timely fashion. miMeetings offers solution-standardized invoices that feature summaries of vehicles used, individual attendee costs, and detailed savings reports using their ground transportation services. The breakout of individual attendee costs is particularly important for Pharma meetings with HCP attendee as they require especially accurate expense tracking and record-keeping.

Cost Savings

miMeetings provides event planners with savings on ground transportation costs for their meetings and events.  These savings come from securing the most competitive pricing for vehicles, identifying optimal grouping of attendees, avoiding errors, and minimizing no-shows. This is enabled by the patented miMeetings technology. Planners can save by managing acceptable wait times for attendees and by running different rides and groupings scenarios for different meetings, all delivered within minutes.

To learn more about how the partnership of Cvent and miMeetings is delivering proven spend management benefits for planners, or to take a quick tour visit here. For pricing contact Moshe Cohen, DOS miMeetings at mcohen@mimeetings.com.